Health Plans
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Health Plans


Offering coverage for various needs, by carriers you know and trust.

We provide affordable traditional options for Individual and Families.  Or, if you are without insurance temporarily or want to supplemental a high deductible, lower premium health insurance plan, we can help you select a Short Term Plan (below), or an additional Supplemental Health Policy.

Traditional Health Plans*

Major medical plans offered directly by highly rated carriers in the private market (off the marketplace).

Varying deductibles, premiums and co-pays.

Coverage is for a full calendar year.

All plans contain essential benefits per the ACA

Short-Term Health

A non-ACA option that you can purchase any time of the year to bridge gaps in coverage.

Covers sudden illness or injury

Enroll today, get covered tomorrow

Low premiums

Travel Health Insurance

Most regular health plans do not fully cover you when you are traveling.  Don’t go without coverage.

Covers travel in the US or Abroad

Single or Multi-Trip coverage available

Premiums are very affordable

Health insurance for non-US citizens

If you do not qualify for private or domestic US health insurance, you do not need to go without coverage when you are in the US.  We offer health plans specifically for non-US citizens that include a range of health benefits including hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription drugs and more. Choose from fixed benefit or comprehensive plans, with varying premiums and deductibles.

Note:   Keep in mind, you can only purchase traditional major medical insurance during the annual open enrollment period (Nov. 1 – Dec. 15), unless you qualify for special enrollment.  Also, if you think you qualify for a premium subsidy, you must purchase your health insurance through the marketplace.  For more information, see directly below.

What is the Federal Marketplace?

Learn about the Affordable Care Act, the essential health benefits and more.

Who is eligible for premium subsidies?

Learn more about who is eligible for a tax credit to help pay for health insurance.

When is open enrollment for health insurance?

Learn more about the annual open enrollment period for both on and off the marketplace.

What if you miss open enrollment?

Learn when you can still sign up for health insurance if you miss the deadline.